Code of Conduct:

  Joining the CTSC Family is an honor and requires each

  individual to uphold the policies, regulations, and guidelines

  established for students, administrators, and staff, and the

  laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. CTSC requires all

  individuals to adhere to and conform to the instructions and

  direction of the headship of his/her respective area.

  Therefore, CTSC expects the following from students,

  administrators, and staff:

  • Respect himself or herself
  • Respect the dignity, position, merit, and values of others
  • Respect the rights and property of others 
  • Prohibit discrimination, while striving to learn from

        differences in people, ideas, and opinions.

  • Practice personal, professional, and academic integrity,

        and discourage all forms of dishonesty, plagiarism,

        deceit, and disloyalty to the Code of Conduct. (Personal,

        professional and academic integrity is paramount to the

        survival and potential of the CTSC. Therefore, individuals

       found in violation of CTSC’s policies against lying,

       cheating, plagiarism, or stealing are subject to disciplinary

       action, which could possibly include dismissal from CTSC.)

  • Promote a personal professional work ethic within the

        CTSC family unit.

  • Foster an open, fair, and caring environment.
  • Uphold CTSC’s Conduct Code and report all violations.


  CTSC abides by the State of Virginia Code § 22.1-288

  regarding the release of information to public and private

  schools,   colleges and universities, and the military; sharing

  information with law enforcement agencies (Sec. 22.1-288.1);

  and transfer, management, and disclosure of information in

  court notices (Sec. 22.1-289).

Canaan  Theological Seminary and College (CTSC)

         201 Pear Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23607                                                                               600 Shelton Road, Radcliff, Kentucky 40160
         (757) 647-5212                                                                                                                                                                                          (270) 352-3411

Drug Free Policy:

CTSC Drug-Free Work Place policy concerning the use, distribution, possession, transport or sale of illicit, over-the counter, and prescription drugs and alcohol, incorporates regulations promulgated by the Federal Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988, and the Department of Education’s Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, Public Law 101-226. Both laws are inclusive for administrators, faculty, students and all other employees working on CTSC properties, on or off campus. This policy has been distributed, posted and is communicated annually through educational reminders.

Commonwealth of Virginia Law Violation:

CTSC deems it a violation for any individual to willfully damage school property or the property of a seminary member, community, or campus visitor.  CTSC will prosecute violators in accordance with state laws.

Unlawful Use of Seminary Facilities:
1. Illegal use , possession, and/or distribution of drugs or narcotics.
2. Disorderly behavior or willful obstruction or interference with any authorized seminary activity.
3. Trespassing (after a CTSC official request you to leave).
4. Any activity which threatens the safety of CTSC staff.