Canaan  Theological Seminary and College (CTSC)

         201 Pear Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23607                                                                               600 Shelton Road, Radcliff, Kentucky 40160
         (757) 647-5212                                                                                                                                                                                          (270) 352-3411

 Admission to Courses

  CTSC will admit students to specific classes when the
  student meets the prerequisite requirements for the

Discrimination Policy

The CTSC admits students (regardless to race, color, sex, orientation, national or ethnic origin or physical disability) to all the rights, privileges, and programs generally accorded or made available to any individual. CTSC does not discriminate on the any of the above mentioned in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan program, or any other program administered by CTSC. However, CTSC requires all students to be a Christian and affiliated with a church that believes and teaches that the Holy Bible is the Word of God.

Definition of Credits

 A credit is equivalent to one collegiate semester hour (one hour per week of class work or its equivalent for one quarter).  Each course carries three semester house of credit (unless other specified) and is 15 instructional weeks in duration. The total calendar time allows for 45 instructional hours per course.

  Admission Requirements

  CTSC requires all admitted enrolled full-time students to

   be 18 years of age and who will benefit from the

  instructional programs of CTSC. CTSC requires the

  following items from all applicants prior to admission:

  • Completed "Application for Admissions" 
  • $45.00 Non-refundable application fee 
  • Official transcripts from all high schools, colleges,

        and universities attended (when applicable)

  Indemnity Disclaimer

  Students enrolling at CTSC should understand that     

  awarded degrees do not permit the student to qualify for

  State endorsement in education or to teach at a public

  or private school. As a Law Degree does not permit an

  individual to teach Early Childhood classes, nor does a

  trained medical doctor teach barbering unless trained as

  a barber. CTSC offers to individuals, already in the

  ministry (or a call to ministry), the following degrees:

  •   Bachelor of Theology degree 
  •   Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree
  •   Master of Theology degree 
  •   Master of Divinity degree 
  •   Doctor of Ministry degree 
  •   Doctor of Theology degree