Canaan  Theological Seminary and College (CTSC)

         1100 W. Queen Street, Hampton, Virginia 23669                                                                                      600 Shelton Road, Radcliff, Kentucky 40160
         (757) 722-5358                                                                                                                                                                                                (270) 352-3411

   About the President/Founder:

   The founder of CTSC is Bishop Dr. Samuel L. Cutler. He is a man of vision and love for the ministry. Bishop Cutler is a   

   graduate of: Norfolk State University (B.A.), United Christian College, Richmond Virginia Seminary (M. Div.), and Norfolk     

   Theological Seminary and College (D. Min.). For more than 34 years, he is the beloved Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church    

   (Hampton, Virginia). There he continues to lead to the glory of God.

   From the Desk of the President

   Welcome and thank you for your interest in Canaan Theological Seminary and College...!   It is our

    joy and delight to serve you and others with great expectation in developing your God given ability

    and talents. In the wisdom and grace of God, Canaan Theological Seminary’s mission is to prepare

   all persons who have been called in the field of ministry by offering a viable and challenging program

   of Biblical Study and instruction to serve. With this in mind our objective is to provide guidance to students with Biblical  

   Counsel and life experience and to promote an environment where they may glean an in-depth understanding of the Word 

   of God. It is our desire to give opportunities for students to perfect the skill that is needed for each preacher, pastor,

   minister or lay person to function in the field of Christian Ministry, both in and out of the church. Canaan is committed to the

   spiritual welfare of its students.  Once again, I say thanks for considering Canaan Theological Seminary and College for

   your spiritual enrichment and growth.  Our doors are always open and we do invite you to Canaan Theological Seminary.
   Yours in Christ,

   Samuel L. Cutler, President