Canaan  Theological Seminary and College (CTSC)

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   Doctor of Ministry program for religious professionals is designed to help you:

  • grow spiritually
  • lead with inspiration and insight
  • engage in rich dialogue with renowned faculty and engaged colleagues from many faith traditions
  • integrate theological reflection with your ongoing practice of ministry
  • provide regular opportunities to learn with peers and share professional wisdom
  • offer you the opportunity to contribute to the profession as a whole through systematic study and research
  • intensive courses one night a week each quarter

   YEAR ONE (courses/4 credits each)
      Fall Quarter: The History of World Religions Research
      Winter Quarter: New Testament Research
      Spring  Quarter: Creedal Statement/Portfolio Preparation

   YEAR TWO (courses/4 credits classroom, 6 credits Co-Teaching and Dissertation)
     Fall Quarter: Biblical Concepts for Christian Counseling
     Winter Quarter: Expository Teaching 
     Spring Quarter: Co-Teaching and Dissertation


  • Master of Divinity degree or equivalent

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  Dr. Yvonne Cutler, Director of Admissions (757-647-5212)